ps3 error 80130128
  • Hi my ps3 was working fine on wireless aside from the fact that I had nat type 3 but I was able to play online and chat w/o problem most of the time. One day I came home and the ps3 didn't want to connect to the internet. It didn't even recognize my router. The green light under my ps3 wasn't on as usual. I have several ports opened up for the ps3 with my ps3's ip address and I tried resetting my router and turning off the security on my router. My ps3's mac address is also in my mac filter. LIke I said everything was fine then 1 day i get home and it says error 80130128. This has happened several times with my ps3 where 1 day it doesn't work on the internet then like a month later, it starts working on the internet again. I don't know if this is because my ps3 has a problem with the wi-fi card or something like that. Please help me fix this never ending problem.
  • sorry i was reading the code wrong this code is something different , just forget what i wrote
  • Yeah, i've deleted it just to make sure he doesn't get too much of a surprise when he come's back...;)
    Also Skone, i must ask you not to use swear words in any of your posts. This is a family-friendly site and we would appreciate it if you used **** in place of any swear words. Thanks.

    As for your problem wargamedt, it definitely sounds like its a problem with your wi-fi or the wireless setup you have in general. I would suggest using a wired connection, linking your PS3 to the router via ethernet cable. This should hopefully solve your problem, without having to take any drastic action, and wired connections i find are always a lot more reliable than wireless ones in any case...;)

    Hope this helps...:)
  • I did a Google search on that error number and came up with a possible solution- you may have to update the firmware of the router itself to the latest version. Head to the router manufacturer's site and you should be able to find the firmware you need in the support section.