• hi
    im trying to complete the crashteorids level on Crash Bandicoot the Wrath of Cortex and have been at it for 5 days and cannot complete it.
    does anyone have any cheats to complete the level :confused: :( :confused:

    Frustrated :frown:

    PS: the quicker you can help the better
    thankyou sooooooooo much i apppreciate it
    ta ta bye for now
  • It doesn't look like there is any cheats available for the PS2 version of the game:rolleyes:. The main gist of the crashteroids level is however, avoid being hit by the aeroplanes at all costs (using your lasers is an effective way to do this). And when destroying the earth destroying weapon, first focus on the planes, then the objects orbiting it, and then finally go for the main part.

    I hope this helps a little. Just keep at it...:)