• Im Having Trouble With The Mission..pedro's Pawnshop..i Cant Get Rid Of The Cops..is There A Way Of Skippin The Board Or Cheats On Getting Rid Of The Cops..i Already Used Decrease Cop Heat And It Doesnt Work On That Part...please Any One ..helpppppppppppp:(
  • Except from the decrease cop heat cheat, there's no other cheats suitable for your problem. You'll just have to try and get rid of the cop's the old-fashioned way.
    Try and 'hide in the shadow's'; go indoors or down alleyways and the visibility line should cease pretty quickly.
    Also triggering Rage Mode is suppose to get rid of cop heat so if you can fill your rage meter trigger that when the cop's turn up.
    You could also approach a cop when they are after you and he/she will interrogate you, the proxy meter will show up. If you do it successfully you will no longer have any cop heat, if unsuccessful say goodbye to all your cash and drugs.

    I hope one of these methods can help you out. Good luck...;)
  • How did you complete the crate drops ? Did the timer start at 5:00 as soon as you exited the conversation with pedro ?:frown: