• can you game share with the ps3 or not
  • At first Sony did make this possible on up to 5 different machines. This was only meant to be done locally, however, with the idea that if you did share a game with someone they may be enticed to buy something else from the store.

    But, a number of people started to abuse this by asking on forums and sharing their PSN log ins with complete strangers they meet there. I hear Sony has been cracking down on this a bit and has banned some people from PSN for doing this. If true, it may not be worth the risk. The official Sony forums don't allow talk of game sharing now as they consider that a form of piracy (to be honest, i agree with that).

    More of the games there now will only work under the name they were purchased on- if played on someone else's account they will just get a demo mode/ it won't work at all. Game sharing is pretty much kaput.