• hey all.
    ok well i have looked at other posts around the message board on the console noise on the ps2, but i am still wanting to get some help.
    well, i bought a ps2 about 2 weeks ago so it is fairly new and i have noticed that the console makes a lot of noise when u put the game in and it loads and plays.
    there also seems to be a difference in the noise when i play silver undersided disks and blue undersided disks, why is this??
    also, i am sorry to you all coz i am asking so many questions, lol, but does the disk scratch easily? it seems that when i play a game i look at it afterwards and it has started to get scratches around it, i am very annoyed at that, is it because of the console???
    ok that is all for now, but i really need some help and information.
    i hope i made the right choice to but a ps2!!!!
    cheers all
  • I would advise you take that PS2 back and exchange it for another one-the reason for the noise (and the scratches on the games) is that one of the lenses in the laser has gone out of alignment and is making contact with the disc itself.Because you bought the system so recently you should have no trouble with an exchange (plus you have your system now instead of sending it in to Sony for repair and being without for a couple of weeks).

    Which is it that is geting scratched,the blue or the white discs?The blue are CD-ROM and the white are DVD.
  • My PS2 also makes a different noise when I load a "blue" disk, but I experience no scratches and no problems, and I have had my PS2 since Jan. If the scratches are coming from the console, by all means take it back for an exchange. Hope you have found the help yopu need. :D
  • Lyndon is right.My ps2 did the same thing till i put a blue disc in it and it messed it up so i took it back and it still makes noise on blue disc, but noughting has happen to it
  • The reason that the sound is different is that the laser for the DVD and the CD use different motors to run them and they both sound differently. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • hey all again.
    thanks for the help and information it was appreciated since i am only new to the ps2's technology and stuff.
    but i just have one question.
    why do they have two different types of disks??
    i have FFX and that is a silver sided one, and i also have worms blast which is a blue sided one.
    What makes it different from one another??
    oh and also lyndon the most noise happens with a blue disk i can pretty much hear enough to notice it when i am just inside a room. and it does get quite annoying. ;)
    cheers all
    leash :lol:
  • The Silver disks are DVD ROM and the Blue disks are CD ROM. Single layer DVD ROMs hold 3.6 GB of data and CD ROMs hold from 650-700 KB of data. The noise that you're probably hearing is the CD ROM drive which when it deteriorates is very loud. This is something that you would need to get replaced eventually. Since you just bought your PS2 then you should take this back to your local store that you bought it at and return it as defective and get a new one(model 97004 if poss.) as you don't want to have to put up with Sony after the 30 day gauruntee is up. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • does it matter if i got the FFX pack?
    i dont think it would have anything to do with that but i just wanted to ask.
    and thanx to all of u, who have posted a reply, it is very much appreciated once again.
    :D :D
  • Nope, the model numbers for the PS2s would still be the same. Many of the PS2s came with a defect already so the chances of you getting another with the same defects this time aren't very high. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.