• Feeling a bit naive but just bought a Playstation2 yesterday and bought the official 8mb Sony memory card. Have inherited a couple of Playstation one games and when I play these then go to save them I see the message "no card". Is this just the way it is and I can't play any of these games unless I want to start from scratch each time?
  • To save PSOne games you must use a PSOne memory card and to save PS2 games you must use a PS2 memory card. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • What madhtr said is true, and if you're looking for more space on your PS1 memeory card, you can copy some of your seldom-used files onto a PS2 memory card for storage! Plus, since they're so tiny, you can store lots of 'em!
  • naw washu u got it twisted

    U can only Use PS2 Mem cards to save PS2 games
    u can only use PSOne Mem Cards to save PSOne games (when playing on PS2)

    U can't transfer between the 2 either.

    the psone mem card is not formatted correctly for ps2 data

    plus the psone mem card is only500 KB if i am correct.

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  • Ah, Rican Havock, you must try to understand my post, it says that you can put original Playstation saved games ON TO Playstation2 Memory Cards, not the other way around (that may work, I haven't tried), I hope this clears thing up a bit.
  • I had seen this trick mentioned in other forums I check out occassionally.While you apparently can transfer the saves over the games themselves will not recognize the PS2 card-you would have to transfer the save back onto the PSOne card to use it.
  • Basically saving the PSone games on the PS2 memory card is just backing up saves. Since the PS2 memory cards are in fact new and more updated you can save old files on it just in case your old PSone memory card expires <_< I would do that just in case...it takes hardly any memory to back it up.</font>