Fifa 2008 Free kicks PS3
  • Can someone please tell me how to score a free kick on fifa 2008 on the ps3.Ive had it about 4 months now and never scored a free kick.

    If anyone else has any tips on how to score or anything else could you also post them here.

  • If memory serves there is no set way to score one. On Fifa 08 it takes practice, plain and simple. You need to become perfect at judging the distance to the goal and getting the power just right when hitting the ball. Do this and you'll be banging them in in no time...;)
  • is there any where on this fifa that can practice free kicks like there was on the other fifa's? or is it just that free play b4 a match?
  • Having not got the game on hand to quickly have a look, i would say if you can find a training option somewhere under game modes or something similar there will be a chance to train your free-kicks in there...:)
  • Before you go into a match u can have a practice taking shots at the keeper one on one.My dad pressed a button and it allowed you to take a free kick from a dead ball.He doesnt know what he pressed.Does anyone know how to do it? thanks
  • According to the manual, pressing any of the directional buttons while standing in the Arena will trigger a free-kick and/or other set-pieces. So your Dad pressed one of the directional buttons Hilly....;)
  • my way of doing it is aim the ball wide of the goal then move the left analoge from the right side then move it up and around to the other side as soon as you start moving the analoge press ,O, then as soon as the analode gets to the other side you must let go of the ,O, the littel bar at the bottem showing power must only be 1/4 of the bar right in front of the the goal you must have the power less because you will hit the ball high. i dont no if you understand but try it if you do or you can press R1 to place the ball.:p