The Seymor Battle
  • ok i am really having trouble with the seymor battle, i think it is when i find out he has killed his father? and they are in this like little place and he has 2 bodygaurds, i can get the bodygaurds killed with Rikku stealing the hi-potions and get up to where he calls out his aeon, but i seem to lose a lot of life when i defeat his aeon. then all i can really do i cast potion but then he just kills me anyway.
    i really need some help with this as i have tried to defeat him numerous amounts of times and i keep gettin killed.
    thanks in advance guys for any help.
    :lol: :lol:
  • Bring Yuna out and about this time you should be able to do what i'm about to tell you. Go to your Aeon menu and go down to where it says ???? and summon the will then meet your most powerful Aeon as of yet. Then just use her regular attacks on Anima and if needed use an overdrive attack(i actually used two)....then pull the Aeon back(eventhough i didn't and destroyed him but that's because i was a very high level) and just smash him into the ground with physical attacks and use any overdrives you may have. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.