america 10 most wanted
  • How do you find casey webber I found the snitch and destroyed the biscayne posse weapons yet I cannot find casey please help thanks
  • I don't recall this game ever being on the PlayStation systems- I know it was released on the PC and the XBox.
  • No it was Lyn, in the UK definitely. I'm afraid i still can't help you there joseph. Fact is it wasn't a very good game, bit of a lame attempt of a COD4/Timesplitters type of game, so i didn't play through the whole of it (boss fights were ridiculous).

    As far as i remember though the levels were fairly linear and just involved being able to not die and progress down the path. So, just re-track back through the level and make sure you've searched everywhere. Sorry, i can't be of much more help here..:rolleyes: Good luck.