internet connection issue
  • I currently have my new PS3 connected through a router and have a laptop that has a wireless connection to the router. My problem is that whichever(the PS3 or the laptop) uses the internet connection first locks out the other until I manually reset the router. Any ideas as to what may be happening?Thanks!!:confused:
  • You are having a conflict of IP addresses as both are trying to use the same one. If you go into the router's settings you should be able to find a place marked as "DHCP". Get your PS3's MAC Address (go into Settings, System Settings, System Information on the PS3 to find this) as you will use this to tell the router "when this address wants online give it this IP". Make the last set of numbers in the IP address high enough so you are sure it won't affect the laptop, maybe if the laptop gets (as an example) make the PS3's address