• Can anyone tell me the ways to unlock all the costumes????
    Or how to unlock anything in the game...?
    Or any codes for the game would be nice????

    I've beaten the game twice already and i'm looking to unlock everything now....

  • Well DAPPY, i'm the right member to give you that all costume code, and here it is.....and a few more :thumbsup:

    All costumes:
    Enter WASHMCHN as a code.

    Programmer high scores:
    Enter VVHISCRS as a code.

    Level select:
    Enter NONJYMNT as a code.

    Hope you like.
  • Give these a try:

    Get Gallery Entries
    Put in DRKROOM for the code

    Get Unlimited Lives
    Put in SUPERGOD for the code

    Get ALL Cheats
    Put in AUNTMAY for the code

    Get What If mode
    Put in VVISIONS for the code ( note: this only works on levels you have already completed.)

    Get Big Heads
    Put in ALIEN for the code

    Get big Feet
    Put in STACEYD for the code

    Get All Training Challenges
    Put in CEREBRA for the code

    Get All Costumes
    Put in WASHMCHN for the code

    Get Debug Mode
    Put in DRILHERE for the code

    Level Select
    Put in NONJYMNT for the code

    See Programmer High Scores
    Put in VVHISCRS for the code

    Good luck!
  • Thanks guys !!!!