Spiderman...after Killing The Murderer
  • target the target set up ,it looks like a baloon,but what do i do when the detector turns white,i cant target it,do i try to grab the baloon or something?
  • ok figured it out,you get to the edge of the building right next to the baloon,then press l2 to lock onto the target,then swing out.
    cool now i can go on,love it so far.
  • well i finished it,and i can say it was a super crud load of fun.
    i rented this game last night and got stuck at that baloon thing then figured it out this morning,and had a fantastick time getting to be the supper master of web slinging,i figured out thet you have to disconect youre web while swinging then turn in the direction you want to go and re throw youre web then you can persue alot quicker withought hitting buildings,and when swinging,and fighting an airborn foe at the same time i find i hardly ever wait for spidy to throw a second web i cut it and fall in the direction of the enimy,while punching,and rethrow a web and swing under him and cut web turn throw swing cut turn throw swing cut turn throw swing...etc... and i find thet i climb alot faster,i partialy swing,too,and when the target deal on the lower right corner of the screen turns white,then i cut turn and fall towards the bad guy while punching,there eazy,and i love the save spots it dosent make you go all the way through the maze,or (what have you)then fight the bosses and when you die make you go all through the mazes etc stuff again...it gives you a place to save just before you start fighting the bosses and if you die then you have a save spot right at the boss,i liked that it was good so thet you dont have to feel pinalized like some games doo to you.
    its a must rent game it made me feel pretty puperior,i consider myself a pretty fast learner,and this game gave you all the opertunity you nead to learn as you play,nothing frustrated me abought it,i liked everything abought it,like i said its a must RENT game.
    its pretty short,thats a bummer,but i dont mind a short game aslong as i rent,ind its supper fun,and this game was all that.
    it has a little sarcasm in the beginning,thet was fairly whitty,and made me laugh a few times,then it chenged from sarcastick to spidytude,and ol-spidy kind-of"let the old thorax hang out" if you know what i mean.
    well what to rent now?shure didnt last long.
    its a bummer thet theres never any games there when you want to rent them,i never see any playstation 2 games thet are new and popular checked in ever,this was the only spiderman game and there were like 6 of them checked out,and all the ones i wanted were all checked out,oh well...you would think they would not be skimpy on the rentals since it probably costs a few cents to make one rental disk,it costs me abought 10 cents per disk for blank cd,s,how much could it posably cost a company thet probably has a automated machine pumping out cd,s from bags of ground plastick hahaha,well what ever,maby thay will get wize and have abought 20-30 extra for popular new releases,all they have to doo is send them back to the company when there all scratched up,so they can be destroyed.
    well everyone should go rent this game its definatelyworth renting.
  • Now that you have beat the game and the need for help has passed, i shall close this thread. Thanx for the good review of it....glad that you enjoyed yourself. I do understand about how short some games are....especially action/adventures. More titles will be released in a bit but right now i don't know what to offer up as a rental for you. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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