PS2 Power cord question ! HELP PLZ.. easy
  • Hello. I brought my playstation 2 home from college, and I cannot find the power cord to this. I really want to play it... This might be easy for someone, but...

    I have a power cord for my HP laptop and it fits in the ps2 and powers it on. I shut it off right after I saw it turn on to ask someone that might know a bit more than I.

    Would this be safe to use to power my ps2 for the time being ?

    PS2 Says 8.5v where the plug goes...

    This power cord is 18.5v I believe 100-240v 50-60hz 18.5v

  • Do NOT use that cord for the PS2- what you should do is check with a game store (maybe EB/ Gamestop) or even contact Sony themselves about purchasing a replacement PS2 power cable. That HP cable is made to deliver more juice through- you could burn out your PS2.