oblivion shivering isles download problem
  • I recently purchased the expansion pack Shivering Isles for Oblivion on psn. I first downloaded it and I had no problems, everything went smoothly and I just had to go to the Game folder and install it there. I also encountered no problems here, I just installed it to the game and at the end, the installation disappeared. I then started Oblivion in anticipation of the whole new land I was about to explore and found out I needed to wait for the new game content to be attached to the game. I waited until it got to 100% but it never got there. At 98% it skips directly to the Bethesda logo. At first I didnt think there was a problem but I then realized that Shivering Isles did not install! I waited 24 hours, talked to almost every citizen(!) and there was still no mention of a new door opening in Niben bay. I have reinstalled this around 6 times and each time it will go to 98% and then skip to the game. I even deleted the game data (not the save data) in hope of it working but no matter what I do it just skips 99% and 100%.
  • The door appears after two days, fireandice07. I don't think it's a problem with the download, the 2% at the end sometimes download ultra-quick. Just try waiting for two days (by sleeping or just naturally waiting) and see if the door appears then. If not, we'll go from there...;)
  • yea i slept 62 hours and still nothing has popped up. Is there a way I can at least check to see if Shivering Isles installed?
  • nevermind I was wondering in Niben bay and i came to a strange island. When I got there, then the quest popped up. I dont know why it did this but so far no bugs. Thanks though.
  • Yeah, that's what i was going to suggest next, to go and find the island to see if it's installed. That's a little weird though, don't know why you would have had to go to the island for the quest to pop up? Anyhow, no harm done, have fun in Shivering Isles. It's great, believe me!....:D