• I recently bought Ehrgeiz because it looked like a cool game because of the FF7 characters in it and all. And the RPG in it looked cool. Something diffrent from the usal RPG.

    Well I was playing and I beat it with Cloud and I got Yuffie. Then I beat it with GodHand and I got the guy from the RPG in the game. Well there is a section were the options are and I saw Godhands movie when I beat it but not clouds. Also when I went to go see Godhands movie again it wasnt there all was there was the Intro. whatz the deal.
  • Stupid question, but are you sure you saved the game.
  • It was a stupid question. Sorry about that. I guess I was just trying to start a conversation with some other people who have layed the game or who own it. Sorry again.
  • You can not view Cloud's movie because Cloud does not have one. None of the Final Fantasy VII characters have their own special cinematic movie granted to them after you beat the Arcade mode. The only exception to this rule is Sephiroth. Once you beat the arcade with Sephiroth, Ehrgeiz awards you by giving you a short music video with One Winged Angel and clips compiled from the original Final Fantasy VII game. Other than that single exception, there are no videos for the individual FFVII characters.
  • Also, if you did save the game, the movies would still be there just like the unlockable characters.