• Just a quick question. I just realised that sony update thier DVD drivers occasionally. How would I get my hands on these new drivers and how much would it cost (if anything at all)?
  • I know that the last known released drivers were v.2.10 and it either came shipped with models 97001 or 97004 or you needed to buy the PS2 DVD Controller from Sony for $19.99 and have 2.2MB of free space on a memory card to save the drivers on. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • So if I want updated drivers, I have to buy another remote? That's so stupid. I don't wanna be stuck with old drivers (I heard the newer ones have 5 speed forward/back ..or something.. :blink: )
  • Quite honestly I don't think that Sony is going to be updating the drivers every few months. I got my remote at Christmas the driver that came with it is the same one that they are putting in with the remote today.
  • I'd say Rex is right-we won't see any more driver updates for awhile now.If you bought the Sony remote then you will have the latest version available.

    If you haven't bought the Sony remote,however,I'd reccommend doing so if you play a fair amount of DVD movies in the system-much easier than using the controller. :P