Macalania Fight Help
  • hey all
    I have just got up to Macalania where I did the sphere challenge in the ice to make a way across. I ran all the way to the destination and they come across a thing named Wendigo I think and 2 Guado Guardians. I can get the 2 guado's killed before i have to much damage done but when it comes to this big thing (wateva it is) it takes 2,000 off me each ime, and that i more than all of my peoples HP, other thn auron. i revive them from death again only to be killed, it is unfair.
    does anyone have any tips and tricks on how to beat this difficult boss for me?!!
    help is appreciated.
    thanks ya'll
  • first, you should level up your characters, they should have more then 2000 HP in this part of the game. (if i recall wright)

    the way to avoid the big thing hits, it's to blind him !!! (darkness)
    while he misses you kill the guados and then deal with him.

    hope this helps.
  • If jarjar's advice didn't work, here's another piece of advice.

    if those Guado Guardians cast Bersek on the Wendigo before they die, then pull in Auron, and cast Threaten to remove it. You can then put him to sleep with Wakka and cast spells such as fire, fira, or even firaga with Lulu if you've learned it. If these beast wakes up, then use Auron to Power Break it and Kimarhi to Jinx it. Use Rikku to use any damaging items or use light curtains to cast Protect. And finally use Yuna to heal or recast Protect if needed.

    Peace Out Bro' B)
  • i thought it was quite difficult at first but my new strategy to start off with for every boss is to get all characters and aeons to overdrive and then u can just blow him away.

    oh and use darkness aswell ok cos it stops some of his physical attacks sometimes dont rely on it too much ok.....
  • I got everyone on overdrive, even the aeons, like ultima x said! But what I also did was use blind attack on the monster, then I had Rikku steal the Hi-potions of both gaudo gaurds! This way they could not heal themselves as you have all their potions! Now they die easily! But if they cast berserk on the monster before hand, use Aurons threaten attack, which nulls the berserk! With the gaurds gone, it's just a case of using all the overdrives on the monster, if he retalliates he'll miss due to the blindness! Although you may have to "reapply" the blindness once in a while! Leveling up before the fight also helps, but a great deal is not needed!

    Sorry, I'm really no good at explaining myself.......... :blink: