Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
  • I am near the beginning quarter of the game. The prince has just escaped the court yard with the defense mechanism. I am saving the princess who has a bow and arrow.

    I am fighting what appears to be the boss figure who has a bunch of guards with him, red and blue-evidently all of them can teleport except for the hero which seems to me puts him at a pretty heavy disadvantage.

    He can kill the red guys by jumping over them and stabbing them and doing a sand grab. Evidently he can not jump over the blue guys because they knock him down whenever he does this jumping move and hack him to death.

    I have a four full sand things and all of my health when I enter this fight--usually when the health gets low I go to the pool but am immediately attacked and can only get a limited amount of water.

    I try doing a roll around block and can get some of the blue guys this way but it also seems like they multiply again after awhile. It looks like there are only two blue guys, I have killed all of the red guys, and then suddenly there are about five guys I am fighting again.

    Is there a special move to kill the blue guys. Is this game even worth bothering with? The swinging around and stuff is fun and all but Prince of Persia seems to be the wimpiest fighter in any of the games I have played--Aragorn would have torn through these guys in about 30 seconds, even Jack Sparrow would have had no problem with them
  • I remember this part of the game. Was stuck on it for quite a while myself.

    The key to doing this is kill the 'boss'. If you go for the 'boss' and kill him the other enemies won't respawn any more, and therefore you can easily finish them all off. The boss isn't particularly hard, you'll be able to take him without too much difficulty. Just go straight for him and hit him until you begin to hurt him. Soon enough he'll die and stage complete.

    And yes, you CAN'T jump over the blue enemies. You'll have to block their attacks and hit them at the right moment, or roll behind them and hit them from the back. You can also attack them until their defences drop too.

    Good luck...!:)