Kingleys Adventure
  • hi if anyone has any cheats for kngleys and venture for onpen all areas on the castle grounds and unlimited health and all weapons please send me caleb jeffrey these cheat codes if any one has anyh can they email them to [email][/email]
  • Are you sure thats the correct spelling for the game? I found no results for the game you have suggested. I tried the largest gaming resource and they didnt have it. Sorry bout that. If you can give me the exact speliing and other identifying things like the game developers. I can get faster results from that.
  • hi its me caleb jeffrey again sorry i forgot to spell the games name right the real name is kingsleys adventure the the game skills are platform,exploration and combat the people who developed the game are psygnosis can you try again please and if you dont mind would you be able to send the address for that link with the cheats so i can fiund info for other gasmes plz bye the email address i am using is [email][/email] ok bye hope to hear from you soon .
  • I only found Gameshark codes for you Caleb. There are NO in game cheats to input. I sent you the codes via email as you have suggested. If you dont have a gameshark you can buy one for about $30 USD.
  • hi its caleb jeffrey again you know those game shark code you sent me can those be loaded into the xploder cd9000 can you tell me again bye .
  • I emailed you the response Caleb. I suggest trying to enter the website of the xploder CD and see if the CD in fact handles gameshark codes. I am doubtful though but i can be wrong sometimes. Yes ONLY sometimes :lol:
  • B) where can you get the gameshark code loader from.