GranTurismo5 Prologue; Race B-6
  • Need help on car set-up. I have raced the Honda Integra Type R at least 200 times in race B-6 and can do no better than 6 of 16 cars; mostly I end up 8 or 9. The car is simply not fast enough to catch the lead cars. Can anybody suggest how to win this race? I am anxious to move on to the A and S class races.
  • Moved your thread to the PS3 game help section johnnyboy. This is the best place for getting any game help you might want...;)

    As for race B-6, yes one of the tricky ones...:rolleyes: What a lot of people have been doing to win this race is 'slipstreaming'. This involves you driving right behind the person in front of you. The air right behind the car in front of you has less air resistance than normal so if you can get into that 'pocket' of air, you will be able to accelerate better and be able to build up more speed.

    If you do this behind every car, and take them at the corners you should be finishing in a pole position soon enough...;)

    Also, i recommend that traction control should be set to 0.

    Good luck in the race johnnyboy...:D