• on the last level at the airport how do you get past it i can never get
    past all of the guards
    nd i always get caught when i go outside soo
    plain out how do you beat it:frown:
  • Alright fudgemunkey, i hope this gets you through it;

    Open the door in front of you, then step over to the right side staying inside your room and watch the door next to the privacy glass, make sure you are fairly hidden, when the guard opens that door to go in, this is your chance, exit the room and go right. Go down this path, then go left down the hallway and through the door. Go partly up the first flight of stairs and stop at the wall that juts out, peek around with your thermal vision and when the door opens run all the way back to the bottom of the steps. At the bottom, wait there until you hear the extremely loud door shut, wait until after you have heard two, or about twenty five seconds, but this can vary, listening to the doors is about the only way to do it. Run up to the top and go through the door he did, go left and out onto a balcony.
    Next, sneak over to the left side of this area. Watch the guard at the bottom, when he is out of view sneak behind the ‘Full Fuel’ truck, then down the ladder, follow him behind the truck, and you should see a hideous looking van with the back doors open, that is your target, go drop a bomb in the package, now you can shoot anyone. Go to the side of the lower level where the ladder was, near it is a door, go in, go straight, right, then left, clear out the Tangos then go right, then right again into a garage. Go into the back room of the garage and open the door, in the next area just chase Crespo. That's it game complete...!:D

    Good Luck.;)