Harry Potter 5 PSP HELP
  • I have done what the other task I needed to be done in GRIFINDOR COMMON ROOM and yet it still shows that I have another task that is PENDING the weird part is, GINNY is there and the fact I have given her the stuff for fred and george and also the snitch for the portrait has been found already.
    I also have another task that I am on pending as well that would be the ROOM of REQUIREMENTS.. Good Lord, I cant seem to get it out of it.... Angelina wants to learn a spell, GInny is badgering me for new thing to learn and yet she is there at the COMMON ROOM. of course the CREVEY is the same. BUT LUNA is not there does she even exist on this game?! where can I find her? oh well.... I hope someone could help me so I could actually go back to work and not think aout it..... (JUST KIDDING):confused:
  • Don't worry, if you've done everything that is asked with the Ginny mission it's completed. After you see her, the star will stay there, this is just a glitch nothing to worry about. Just carry on as normal.;)

    As for the room of requirements, whenever you learn a spell you need to cast it 3 times to continue. So when you learn reducto off Ginny cast it 3 times, then you should be able to teach Angela the new spell. For the room of requirements you need to go there and speak to hermione, she will teach you two new spells. Then speak to Cho chang and learn another spell. Then you should be able to complete the room of requirements task...:)

    Escaping the room of requirements just requires you to beat crabbe, goyle and Malfoy in a duel. Is that what you are stuck on...?

    I hope i have been able to help you...;)
  • I am done dealing with VOLDEMORT and yet I am back again in the same place and some people I have helped already still needing help.... Am I supposed to find LUNA?! if I am where would she be? I checked almost everywhere and yet I couldn't find her. I am not sure where to start from this point on. Thanks by the way in regrads to my previous inquiry
  • By dealing with Voldemort you mean you've completed the game, yes? As to finding Luna, this should have been done before defeating Voldemort, after defeating Crabbe and Goyle? You should have then followed Luna to the Theatrals near Hagrid's Hut and you would have been transported to London where you end up fighting Voldemort... Only other solution i can think of is that after the credits it may have just gone back to your previous save point, if this is the case then don't worry, just consider it as game completed...;)
  • Hey...

    But i have the same problem-... that with Angelina..

    1. i did all task i found all DA members.
    But when i ask angelina-She saids i have to learn 1 trick 1 very good and then i can learn here... i learend that trick from ginny(reducto)
    But i dont understand ..Where can i cast them??

    Every where??
    Or just some1 to help other people??

    Like that 3 frogs in that cages
    Or in the library that shelve..
    idk the 3 one

    Plsss help me..
  • Reducto is used in a couple of spots to help in missions. Angelina, though, should be saying she wants to learn Finite Incantem. Just like the other spells, you should get the method of casting it and need to do it three times to move on.
  • Yes Yes she saids that.. But ? How and where shud i learn that?
  • You should have been given the prompt right there. To cast that spell hit circle, circle, circle. The spell removes effects of stupefy, confundus, petrificus totalus and levicorpus.
  • but..when i click on angelina .. it doesnt happen anythink or when i click on hermiona she doesnt said anythink .. soo i just go in that room and press circle circle cirlce
  • yey did the 1 spell tnx!
  • Hello i need help...

    I did that DA think soo now ... i have to sabotage all the speakers...
    I did the 1 one. But idk how to do the 2 one in the library..

    Can some1 plss help??
  • Here's the path to all the speakers:

    The first one is next to Padma and Pavati. Find the trunk on floor 1, levitate them near the speakers and it will automatically fit into place. Climb up and use the babbling beverage to destroy it. Now head to the library to find the next one.

    Padma and Pavati are on the left as you enter the library- find the table that you used to find the monster book earlier (should be in the next room). Levitate the table into the main room. Now, get the bookcase that is in the corner and place the table next to the bookcase, climb up and destroy the speaker. Next stop, the paved courtyard.

    You'll find a hidden pipe where the vine’s are on the wall to locate the speaker- climb up and destroy it. The last speaker is on the suspension bridge on floor 3. Enter the suspension and talk to Padma and Parvati. Near the door that is closest there is a gap in the bridge- go through it and walk as far as you can. Turn so you can go further down towards the bridge and you'll find a ledge. Climb on the ledge and go across to the end- a wooden panel will take you onto another smaller ledge. Follow this to a pipe, climb up the pipe to the ledge at the top and follow it to the speakers.

    Go back to way you came and head to Herbology to destroy the final speaker. As you reach Herbology Padma and Parvati will show you where the final speaker is. You will need something tall to reach it but there are some plants in the way. Use Incendio to burn them, then levitate the trunk in the corner and place where the plants were. Climb up to destroy the final speaker.