• Wassup y'all, face here.
    Umm... I recently bought Spider-Man for PS2 and this games kicks some major ass! I need help with the level Breaking and Entering, ya know the level where you have to sneak in and download those security codes. Those pesky guards keep spotting me and the freaky droids rush me and overwhelm and I end up as no more than a smear on the wall. Any help or walkthroughs would be very nice. Also, if possible, any tips on how to achieve all the points for this level, cause my parents said I can't get my new system unless I beat ALL of my games 100%. (weird, eh) i would appreciate any help,

    Peace Out B)
  • Yea, damn robots. Actually i avoided all the enemy encounters bro. The only way they will see you is if you step into the security light or a gaurd spots you. The compass on the left points to the direction of where the computers are and shows if spidey will get caught by the indicators Black = not seen| Red = almost seen |and all Red = caught. All the computers are located in the main room where you start the mission. They are the gigantic rooms with all the computers in it. Just stay on the wall and use Zipline as much as possible to keep from getting caught. Stay out of the light and you will pass with no problem. This is a stealth mission so try not to kick butt here. :lol: hope this helps.
  • my brother is 11 and he just beat the whole game in 2 days he says stay in the shadows tie up the gaurds far away then download each peice the peices are in colored order to break into the vault

    also cheat code "organicwebbing" gives unlimited web
  • hey thanx guys...
    what is the last possible award in the secret store? Its bugging me because I have everything else except for that.
  • i said to helll with being sneakey i just ran like helll and in the room where you get the a-b and c-d i ran in there and hit the ceeling and waited becouse the robots cant get in if youre far enough tin front of them fo the door to slam shut infront of them but dont get too cloce to the door or it will open and one will come in and blow you haha away and where i had problems was in the room full of lazre beams athet seperate the c-d area its hard to pop over to the door without setting off the camera so i tried it anyway then ran like helll to that room where the c-d is and hit the ceeling again,the problem was also getting back through the lazer room to activate c-d.
  • The last one on the secret store is playing as green goblin. You fly on the glider, throw bombs, shoot guns. It's very sweet. just beat it on hard or the cheap way is, start a game on superhero, beat the first level, quit, go to specials, level warp, conclusion. You'll see the end scene and all the cosatumes open up.

    Ps. in breaking and entering, tie up the guards jump on their heads, and beat the crap out of em. If you want to be sneaky, stay on the celing and they wont see you. if they find you, just go to a shadowed area and zip up to the celing. The robots can see you if you are in the light on the celing. Just stay in the dark.

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  • You will know when you are well hidden cos Spidermans head (top left corner of screen) will go from red to black. I hope that helps.