• So my school finally posted their schedule of classes for the Fall semester and in looking at it I discovered that my old Creative Writing professor is teaching Creative Writing Fiction again. So I thought I could take that class, but after looking at the time, I'm not quite sure.

    If I were to take Creative Writing: Fiction again I would benefit probably as a writer and would probably stand a chance in the Writing competition. However, if I take the class I would have to sacrifice training in the Karate class I've been taking since January...which has helped me out immensely in perfecting techniques.

    Which option should I take?:confused:
  • I would go for the Creative Writing. That would benefit your career more than the Karate would. You could always come back to that another time.
  • Tough decision. Have you already taken the creative writing course before?? Do you feel there is need for improvement? If so that class could benefit you.

    But, the karate class provides confidence, exercise and a way to reduce stress... Which one do you feel is more important?
  • They're both equally as important. I have taken Creative Writing before. Once last Fall and again this semester...so the class itself would present nothing new, apart from a new class of critiquers.

    Karate is pretty important because it has reduced my stress and it has helped stabilize me for my rank tests.
  • Have you looked into maybe finding another karate class that would better fit your schedule if you do take this next course?
  • Yes Lyndon. They have a class on Monday and Tuesday...so really all I would be missing out on was an extra day of training. It seems the consensus so far has been for school in everyone I have talked to.
  • The class would help with a writing career (which does seem to be your passion, if reading you correctly) so I would say go for the class and try to make do with the one karate class a week.
  • I agree with lyndon too!
  • listen to Lyndon, he be a wise man.
  • I say karate just to be different!! Plus I am an exercise junkie :flex:
  • You do what you think is best for yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an excersizer junkie. Writing is an excelent field to get into.
    My mom did that before she retired. She was very good at it. She wrote policies for the state of california. There is many job oppertunities for writing out there. Take what ever class you can now cause it might not be taught the next semester. Unless, you have patience to waite for it later. julie