need help with PS store
  • ma friend imported PS3 from japan, 40gb version..he made an american account on PS network, yet when he opens the PS store its all in japanese, how can it be solved.....
  • If he goes into System Settings (6th item in the Settings menu) he should be able to select the System Language (2nd item in System Settings). Highlight this and hit X, then select "English" in the menu that comes up along the right side of the screen.

    Somewhat odd considering the American account should direct to the US store. he is logging in under that user and not staying under a Japanese user?
  • so what u mean is tht the acount doesnt matter? he changed the language of the system to english....but its store which is problem..i mean i got US version and works fine, he lives next to me, and when he log in the store is in japnese...
  • I answered the question thinking everything was in Japanese, not just the store.

    I honestly can't think of a reason why your friend cannot access the US store. Is this US account his main user or an additional he made?