GTA4 - The Cousins Bellic mission help
  • GTA4 - The Cousins Bellic mission walkthrough guide


    Get in the car and follow the yellow route on your mini map (shown in the bottom left of the screen). It is only a short distance to the “Mansion”, but it gives you a chance to get used to driving the vehicle, which may seem almost undrivable at the beginning.

    GTA4 GAME TIP: When driving restrain yourself from hand-braking and flying yourself around every corner. Instead brake and turn normally, or if it is a sharp turn brake and then handbrake. Believe me it works and makes driving around much more quicker. (Rob C STAFF)

    After Roman has left, go over to the bed and save your game.

    Exit the apartment, go down the steps, learn to run (press X) and sprint on the street (tap X). Then, cross the street to buy a hot dog.

    Walk into the road and press TRIANGLE to steal a car. Preferably, you must not let the cops see you. Then, drive to the “R” on the mini-map to meet Roman.

    If you have any questions about this mission, please ask them below.