GTA4 - First Date mission help
  • GTA4 - First Date mission walkthrough guide


    Pick Michelle up from her house either by driving to her or taking a cab.

    Drive to the carnival, get out of the car and walk forward onto the boardwalk, then left towards the bowling alley. You can run and she will still follow.

    When you enter, grab some food if you need extra health, then go to the first bowling lane and play up to 5 frames. Alternatively start a game, then quit by pressing L1, return to the car and drive her home.

    GTA4 GAME TIP: Make sure you call Michelle regularly, do not always wait for her to call you asking for a date.

    When you get to Roman's shop, you will find a guy up the street, which is marked by a green spot on the map. When you get up to him, he will give you $100. After that, you can meet with Roman.

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