GTA4 - Jamaican Heat mission help
  • GTA4 - Jamaican Heat mission walkthrough guide


    Drive to Southern Slopes to pick up Little Jacob.

    GTA4 GAME TIP: Do yourself a favour now and go into the options and put the subtitles on. Without them you won't understand what Jacob is saying.

    Then, he will give you a pistol and tell you to go to an alley.

    GTA4 GAME TIP: Go into your options and increase the BRIGHTNESS and CONTRAST settings, or you will find it hard to see what to do in the alley.

    When gangsters show up, you must lock on them with L2 and shoot with R2. Once you have killed all three of them below you, a fourth one will show up above you. Collect all the ammo and money they drop and get back into the car with Little Jacob.

    Once you have completed that mission, Roman will call you.

    Vlad may call you before or after this mission. He will want you to smash the window of someone who is not paying off their debts. You can pick something up and throw it at the window, or just punch it a few times to break it.

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