GTA4 - Bull in a China Shop mission help
  • GTA4 - Bull in a China Shop mission walkthrough guide


    Head over to Vlad's location and he will tell you that one of his customers, the owner of a china shop, has failed to pay his debt. So, he will send you to teach him a lesson or two; however, Vlad doesn't want the man to get hurt. You must go north and follow the yellow GPS on your radar. When you arrive there, the man will refuse to pay the money, and instead locks his doors. Therefore, you must follow the prompts and initiate a scene. Head over to the dumpsters and look for a brick that you could throw at his front window. If the glass does not shatter, get another one and throw it again. Once the window has been broken, he will instantly pay the money he owes.

    After doing that, you must bring the money back to Vlad by using the yellow GPS on your radar. Walk over so you can officially complete the mission. After that, you will receive another text message from Vlad and he'll have another job for you to do.

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