GTA4 - Clean Getaway mission help
  • GTA4 - Clean Getaway mission walkthrough guide


    For this one, Vlad will have you steal a posh car from a guy named Jimmy, who owes Vlad's boss some money but refuses to pay up. However, Vlad refuses to drive you to your destination so you have no other resort but to take the train. Take note of the yellow blip as it indicates where the train station is. As soon as the train arrives, press Triangle to enter.

    When you get to the East Island City Station, get off the train and follow the dot on your radar that tells you where the car is. As Jimmy tries to prevent you from getting the car, you can use a stun punch on him or anything that will knock him off. But in some situations, it would be best (and much easier) to quickly get into the car and hit the gas. Call Vlad and he will tell you that he wants the car cleaned, so follow the GPS Signal to get to the car wash. You can choose to watch the cut scene, or skip by pressing X. You can now deliver the car to Vlad's garage.

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