GTA4 - Ivan the Not So Terrible mission help
  • GTA4 - Ivan the Not So Terrible mission walkthrough guide


    On this one, Vlad will have you kill one of his associates, Ivan, who pissed him off. You will set him up so you can kill Ivan and make it look like self-defense during robbery. Therefore, you must make your way to Roman's shop.

    When you get there, Ivan is already driving away so you must be right on his tail. When he pulls over, he will run on foot to a construction site. You will be forced to climb a series of ladders (just press Triangle) and run after him on rooftops of buildings. To jump off the roof tops, use Square. You have to keep up with him until he reaches a dead-end and he has nowhere else to run to. Then an option whether to save him or kill him will pop up. It is important to make the right choice as this might have repercussions in the game later on. In this case, as Ivan is a lucrative source of income, it is best to spare him.

    Later on, Niko will call Vlad to inform him that Ivan is