• sorry all, but i'm really bored. I'm a Spyro fanatic and i have mastered all three games and if anybody needs help on the Spyro games contact me.
  • OK, I'll bite. In Ripto's Rage, Magma Cone level, I had a devil of a time earning the orbs for the snowflake race against the cheetah. Any tips to make it easier?
  • Yeah that stupid cat can be a real jerk. The easiest way to do this is to follow him and whichever geyser he stands over, steal the gem from him before he gets a chance to swipe it. This is easily accomplished by standing directly over the geyser whole and waiting for it to pop out, which it will immediately become yours.

    Anybody else?
  • hi is there any cheats for spyro gateway to glimmer to get invisibility please email me at [email]sleeper13auau@yahoo.com.au[/email] plz bye.
  • hi does anyone have any cheats to get all the eggs on spyro year of the dragon if they do can they email them to [email]j13caleb@hotmail.com.au[/email] please bye and i am caleb jeffrey ok bye. :angry: