GTA4 - Crime and Punishment mission help
  • GTA4 - Crime and Punishment mission walkthrough guide


    Once you get to Roman's location, a cut scene will play and it will introduce you to Faustin and the Russian Mob who were mad about what happened with Vlad. In exchange for sparing you and Roman, you have to do a couple of jobs for them. They want you to capture a shipment of TV's that are carried by van and take them to Faustin's place. However, you will need a police car in order to get these vans to pull over. When you see an abandoned police car, quickly steal it until you receive further instructions from Faustin's associate, Dimitri. You will spot three trucks as marked by the blue spot on your radar. Get to them and you must turn on the siren, in order for them to pull over. The third one is almost always the right one. Once you have forced the van to stop, approach the driver and a cut-scene will play that will show you what they're carrying.

    Some of them however will have a guy with a gun that will try to stop you, so you have to kill them or quickly jump into the van and drive off. But you must not shoot him as this will take some heat. All you have to do now is to get to Faustin's place by following the yellow GPS marker on your radar.

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