GTA4 - Shadow mission help
  • GTA4 - Shadow mission walkthrough guide


    Little Jacob is furious over some drug dealers getting on his territory, so he asks you for help to fix them. But before you must not start off this mission with a low health, so you have to eat up or get yourself an armor for safety.

    Then, drive to Franklin Street where a deal is just finishing off. As the drug dealer walks on the way home, follow him closely but not too close or else he will be aware that you are chasing after him. Take note of your phone too, as this will warn him that he is being followed. In this case, you have to take a good distance away from him so as not to alarm him right away if you get any calls on your phone.

    After that, he goes on to an apartment block where you have to follow him up at a flight of stairs. You have to equip your pistol and be ready for some firing. When he reaches his level,you must shoot the lock because they dealers often lock their doors especially when they know they're being followed. Then, you have to take out the dealer to the right of the door. Meanwhile, there are two more by the kitchen door so you have to take cover. But if you have the shotgun, it should be easy to take them all out. Once they are all dead, it is another mission completed.

    Then, call Little Jacob to tell that it was a success and he will become another one of your Friends. He can now call you and do something together. Now that you have completed Little Jacob's mission, go back to Roman.

    If you have any questions about this mission, please ask them below.

  • I have been doing that but I can't seem to find the apartment block...? Can you tell me??
  • i first put my fone on silent, then followed him, even if roman rings, he cant hear the fone ring.
    So dont alert him and follow him slowly.
    there is a wall you have to jump, and its the first door on your left Bellic.
    Hope this helps!!!