GTA4 - Final Destination mission help
  • GTA4 - Final Destination mission walkthrough guide


    When you get to Faustin's place, a cut scene will play. You will learn from Faustin and Dimitri that their operations have been discovered by the authorities, and they suspect that Lenny is the rat. So now, they plot to eliminate him. To do this, you have to drive to another island. Because he will be arriving at a train station in South Bohan, this should be a great place to take him out. Drive your car over to the station and wait until the train comes.

    Lenny will have a bodyguard, but taking him out should be easy. Simply shoot the bodyguard. However, Lenny will run off and get to his car. When this happens, nab your own car and tail him no end. You may also try shooting him while he drives away or he can shoot the car tires and blow it up.

    This will be then end of this mission. Call Faustin to report to him that it was a success. And then you will receive a text message from Roman, then you must go and see him.

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