GTA4 - No Love Lost mission help
  • GTA4 - No Love Lost mission walkthrough guide


    As soon as you get to Faustin's place, you will instantly discover an ongoing feud between Faustin and his wife regarding their daughter. Faustin will then have you head on out to Firefly Island to deal with her no good biker boyfriend. Getting there is quite easy, as you have the yellow GPS marker to guide you. As you get there, a cut-scene will play showing the biker dude threatening Niko, and calling on some of his biker friends.

    Hop on a bike and chase him; the trick to using the bike is tapping. And while on the bike, you must not attempt to shoot, instead concentrate on following him until you get to an area where he will meet up with a few buddies and you now have multiple targets. A shootout will then ensue but you have to take some of them out while riding the bike. When they head on to this wooded area, dismount the bike and use R1 to take cover from trees. You auto-aim by using L2, so you can take each biker one at a time and make sure to take cover and stay out of the line of fire.

    Once you have taken them all down, report to Faustin and the mission has been completed. Although Roman calls you, ignore him for now and concentrate with your missions for Faustin.

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