GTA4 - Rigged to Blow mission help
  • GTA4 - Rigged to Blow mission walkthrough guide


    When you get back to Faustin, your next mission for him will involve an auto parts garage who also owes him money. You must go north and follow the blue dot on your radar. Then, you have to cross a bridge to Bohan. And since the truck is carrying explosives, you have to drive carefully until you bring it safely to the garage. Also take note of the lights that are flashing on the truck's tailgate as they are good indicators of the damage that the vehicle is taking. When you reach the garage, ignite the explosives by pressing the action button.

    You must also run as far away from the area as possible to avoid a wanted level. Also, you do not want to get hurt from all those explosives. Then you will get a call and it is another mission accomplished.

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