GTA4 - Search and Delete mission help
  • GTA4 - Search and Delete mission walkthrough guide


    For your first mission for Bruce, it is shaping up to be your most fun mission just yet. Being one of the witnesses to some of Brucie's dodgy dealings, he wants him gone. In order to get started, you will need to steal a police car because his details are on police file. Therefore, you must hack police computers in order to have access to them. You can get a police car either by killing someone to get police attention or faking a 911 call. And when the police aren't looking, you can drive the car away. Although you might get a 1 star wanted level for doing this, you have to drive away from the blue circle as fast as possible and lose it. When you pull over, you will get a call from Brucie.

    Search the police files for LYLE RIVAS; go to the police computer's main menu, choose