GTA4 - Easy As Can Be mission help
  • GTA4 - Easy As Can Be mission walkthrough guide


    This mission can prove to be quite a challenge as it will require you to have good drive-by skills and plenty of ammo. You must drive up near the darts bar in Yorktown Avenue where Rivas left a nice looking car that Brucie wants you to pick up. You can get to the car by following the GPS navigator. However, once you get the car, there will be cut scene where three armed enemies will prevent you from getting the car. You can run away with the car but there is a huge possibility that they will have destroyed the car before you can even manage to lose them. So, it is best to lose them before continuing on.

    Be careful when driving around turns and you have to take note of where you are as this can become quite tricky, despite the help of the radar. When you have disposed off your attackers, you will just have to go back to the garage and then call Brucie to inform him that you have the car in his lockup. And although the car might have taken a few damage, it's still a success.

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