GTA4 - The Master and the Molotov mission help
  • GTA4 - The Master and the Molotov mission walkthrough guide


    Go to the DR icon on your radar. You will meet with Dimitri where a cut scene plays and it is revealed to you that Dimitri has put both him and Niko in a tight spot. And the solution for the both of them is to get rid of Faustin. However, Faustin is at his club at the moment where he has several bodyguards there.

    Head out to the cabaret club and have a good weapon ready. You will also get the armor that Dimitri has left for you from behind the green dumpsters. After that, lock on your enemies and start shooting. Immediately fire at the two goons in front of you, and as more goons will fire at you, you have to take cover behind the table. As you make your way towards the bar, make sure you take cover. As Faustin tries to escape, you have to chase after him. As there are more bodyguards who will try to keep you from following him, you have to kill them all. Climb up the stairs to follow Faustin at the roof. Then, kill him.

    Once you've done that, return to your safehouse so you can save. You can call Dimitri whenever you want.

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