GTA4 - Russian Revolution mission help
  • GTA4 - Russian Revolution mission walkthroughs guide


    NOTE: Before starting off this mission, you have to make sure you have full health, full armor, and lots of ammo.

    After speaking to Dimitri over the phone, you will get a call from Little Jacob and then you must pick him up. LJ will tell you that you pissed off the Russians for killing Faustin. Then, he will offer you some help and you have to go to the Warehouse. Then, there will be a long cut scene which will show Bulgarin, someone whom Niko knows from his past and then a shootout will ensue.

    At the start, you will find a medkit so make sure to grab it. When Jacob asks you to cover for him, you must do so. Aim at the guys at the higher levels first, then you have to keep cover will firing. You might also want to auto fire while in cover. You might also want to get the ammos on the ground, but do not do this while they are shooting at you.

    Once you have taken down the majority of the goons, Bulgarin and Dimitri will escape and the cops will show up. Escape through the exit of the building and then drive off with your car. Although you are prompted to take Jacob back to his place, your main priority at this point is to get rid of the cops that are chasing you. You can do that after you are safely out of the blue circle.

    After getting rid of the cops, you can now drive Jacob back to his place and you can now call Roman. Brucie has also got some lucrative business for you to deal with and you might want to deal with this first.

    If you have any questions about this mission, please ask them below.