GTA4 - Romans Sorrow mission help
  • GTA4 - Romans Sorrow mission walkthrough guide


    When you meet Roman, he will show you to his apartment. When you get there, you will find the apartment has been burned to the ground. And then, he will tell you to head on over to the cab depot where more shock awaits you as it too was burned down. Then, Roman phones Mallorie, who tells them that they can stay with him in Bohan. If you wish to save the game, go back inside and ascend a flight of stairs and take the first white door you see.

    You can choose to take a cab on the way there or drive yourself to enjoy the scenery. When you get to Mallorie's apartment, walk over towards the yellow marker to trigger another cut scene.

    image For now, this mission is over. You now have a new safe house in Bohan.

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