GTA4 - Out of the Closet mission help
  • GTA4 - Out of the Closet mission walkthrough guide


    Enter an internet cafe and use a computer so you can check your email. After that, check the site and search for French Tom, then click “DATE”. You can view your own profile, or others as well.

    NOTE: You must not open any mails from Brucie about the cars because you are currently on a different mission.

    Out of the Closet mission part 2

    At this point, you will get an SMS from Roman telling you to check your email. Read the mail you got from French Tom and reply positively. Then, he will ask you to have a date at the diner by your old safe house. Check the time on your phone and you must get there during the stated time. When you get there, you will meet this guy in the booth and you will then be talking to each other. When Niko mentions his debts, this will serve as your cue to kill the guy. Then, go outside and get in the car to escape the cops. You may use the old Pay N Spray in the area.

    After losing the cops, you may get your money. After that, Brucie will have another real job for you to do at this place. Before you get another car, you must again check your email.

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