GTA4 - Number 1 mission help
  • GTA4 - Number 1 mission walkthrough guide


    Head on over to Brucie. A sports car can be found not too far away, it is a Comet and an extremely fast car that steers well. Then, head on out to get ready for the race. There is no need to go full throttle. You can take it easily and maintain your pace, and you should still be able to keep your lead. Meanwhile, you can do some dirty tactics over your competitor; in fact, it is encouraged. And while you can't shoot the other cars, you can damage them enough to impede their progress in the race. You can do this by pushing against them in straight roads. This will send your opponent spinning out of control and eventually crash a few times.

    It is important to know where the next marker is, and if it is not visible to you, use the radar. Getting your way around the race is quite easy, just be careful during turns and then blast it away during open roads.

    Once you've completed the race, you must bring Brucie back to his place. The catch? You can keep the car to yourself. And that's it for this mission. Meanwhile, a little later on, Brucie will call and anytime you feel like competing in the race again, you can just contact him. Brucie also becomes your friend at this point.

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