Who Is Best Metal Gear Girl?
  • There are many beutiful computer generated ladies that have graced our screens while playing the Medal Gear games but who takes the cake as la tres belle. Now criteria does not only have to include looks but can include brians, contributions to the game, attitude and so on. Now you have many beuties to choose from Merril, Mee Ling ( Where was she in sons of Liberty ), Rosemary, Sniperwolf, Fortune, Emma, Olga, and others if I have missed them. :D
  • I personally like emma and olga. emma because she looks cute but remember she is much more than cute he he.and olga because she looks hot (espeacialy on the 2nd part of the game!!!) olga also has that mysteries attitude you never know what she'll do next. :P
  • I like Olga and Fortune myself. I like a woman who can kick some a$$ (well not mine hehe :lol: ) Olga 'cause she bears a striking resemblance to Grey Fox in the Ninja armour and anyone who can deflect bullets from an machine gun is pretty cool in my books. Fortune 'cause she has onebig a$$ gun and she can deflect attacks with her mind alone. Pretty impressive if you ask me.
  • I'd have to go with SniperWolf - i just dig the accent.

    Plus hopefully she'd have a couple of bottles of vodka knocking around - not that there'd be a problem keeping warm ;)

    Olga definitely needs to shave her armpits before ol' Gid would even consider going anywhere near her :huh:
  • I like fortune. Shes so cool with her freaky heart, magno-electric hoodjamabob, big gun and good looks!
  • I like Sniperwolf the most, she was really mysterious and she was a great shot, she wasn't good enough, but she was good.