GTA4 online multiplayer guide
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    To access multiplayer in-game

    [*]You must access your mobile phone by pressing Up on the directional pad.
    [*]After choosing the Multiplayer option, press to accept
    [*] Then, you have three options: Player Match, Ranked, or Party Mode
    [*] There are 14 multiplayer games that you can choose from. Once you have chosen one, press so you can enter the multiplayer lobby.[/LIST]
    Before playing a multiplayer game, you must go through the lobby which will serve as the meeting point for all of the players. While in the lobby, you can view the list of players that are competing; also, you may change modes and edit your character model options.

    You can invite friends to join you in a multiplayer game, by using the in-game mobile phone. Look them up so you can call them.

    Multiplayer Game Modes

    Player Match
  • when i go into multilayer i do not get the 3 options (player match, ranked, party mode). when i go into it the list comes up as, games, party mode, invites, player model,tutorial....when i go into games it gives me quick match or custom match. nowhere does it say anything about ranked games....i need some serious help!:eek:
  • Hi i can not get online to play gta4, when i click on multiplayer it says i have to sign up on playstaion network? then it has this number (80130183)
    Please help
  • Mustang, you are either not signed in to PSN on your PS3 or you haven't set up a PSN ID yet. Once you check this and then start the game you should be able to play.