• I needed some clearance, wich is better to Steiner, Excalibur I or Ragnarok?
    Tnank u!
  • Is exalibur 1 the one where you have to reach Memoria within 12 hours of starting the game? If so, I've never got it and would have to say that Ragnarok is the best Steiner weapon!!!!!!!!! You can also get an Exalibur from the old man in Degeurrio, by doing what he wants you to! You know, the old man by the sleeping area there! Is that exalibur 2 or 1???????? Ugh, I'm confused again!!!!!!!!!! :blink:
  • That's Excalibur one!...the second is the one to get somewhere in 12 hours!
  • Yeah definatly Ragnarok then!!!!!!!! I'm so less confused now!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:
  • Just enter the Steiner's equipment and then see if you put Ragnarok and then if you'll try to switch it for the Excalibur you'll see that attack is red numbers that means excalibur's attack is lower and if you put Ragnarok you'll see that the attack is green it is pretty easy Anyways I was glad to help ya! :D
  • Thanx for the time, but I was actually wondering about the magic attacks each one has!...anyway I allready figured that the shock attack is better than the climhazzard!
    But still..thanx! :)
  • Climmhazard is good too it makes damage 9999 to all enemies (my Steiner was really strong and he kicked ass in the abilities) Okay use your Steiner's shock if one enemie if there are more than one use Climmhazard it will save you time bye! ;)
  • Hey...now that was awas a very usefull information!!!!!
    Thanx a million Parasite!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • Your welcome catstepz if you need help just ask me and I'll try to help if I can :D