New to video games... I need help!
  • I just recently bought my first gaming system (uber-religious parents). I am enjoying playing so very much but I find that I am stuck in a game I bought recently. I am playing "Viking: Battle for Asgard" and am haivng difficulty in a few areas. I am still trying to charge the dragon amulet so that I may summon one and kick some tail. However, I cannot even get passed the seemingly endless hordes of undead minions and into the enclosed area. Is there something I haven't done that I need to in order to get trough this? Also, I have bought throwing axes and health potion but niether the game nor the guide that came with the game give any indication as to how I can employ their use. As stated before, I am extremely new to this entertainment and would appreciate any (and every) advice or suggestions that are available. Thank you so very much.
  • Moved you to the PS3 Game Help section, i know this is kind of your introductory post, but it's still one that requires some game help. Belongs right here...;)

    To charge the Dragon Amulet, go for the major targets in the battles such as legion champs or shamans. If you see any of these in the hordes your encountering, get them first and this will help you on your way to gathering enough Dragon runes to charge the amulet. Your not missing anything, in order to beat the undead minion hordes. This is down to your skill as a gamer, i'm afraid..;) All i can say is stock up on health potions, and use tactics on the battlefield!

    As for the rest, to use health potions hit R1. This is the button which will allow you access to all of your items including the throwing axes you brought aswell...;)

    Good Luck with the game, and keep on enjoying your first Games system, Madame Honey Meat. Oh and Welcome to Absolute PlayStation...:)
  • Thank you sooo Much!