GTA4 - Street Sweeper mission help
  • GTA4 - Street Sweeper mission walkthrough guide


    When you have Jacob's weapon delivery, get yourself enough pistol ammo or some SMG ammo for a drive-by and chase shootout. Then, get yourself a car to drive over to the drug dealers. Once there, shoot the three that's on the outside. While you have taken care of those in the front, there are a few others who will try to escape by car. But if you ever run out of ammo, get out of the car and grab the guns of those gang members you just killed, and get back to your car to continue on with the chase.

    The chase will take around a nearby block, but make sure to keep tailing the drug dealers' car. You have to keep within a certain range of them to make sure that you can kill them by shooting. Meanwhile, if you run out of ammo, then you can ram against their car. Just make sure that while you're driving, you have to keep shooting at them, or until the car's tires eventually blows up. When there are any more surviving gang members, get out of the car and shoot them. Then, the mission is cleared. After that, you will receive a call from Mallorie referring you to an Elizabeta Torres.

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