GTA4 - Blow Your Cover mission help
  • GTA4 - Blow Your Cover mission walkthrough guide


    As soon as you get back to the main island, you'll meet up with Playboy X. Get him to get in the car with you and head on over to the other island where you'll be making a deal. Once there, you will enter a building and go upstairs. There are a couple of cops waiting nearby, so you must shoot them. Then, there will be two more from behind that you must deal with as well.

    While continuing to go up the stairs, you have to watch out as there are a few more guys that are waiting on you. Get yourself up to the roof. Somewhere along there you'll find a body armor, which you must get for you might need it. Take cover as you kill more cops.

    Once outside the building, you will now have a wanted level. Get in your car and do your best to shake off the cops. You are now heading your way back to Bohan but you must bring Playboy back to his home, which is in the Algonquin Island (the middle island).

    Now that you've opened up this island, check your map to find that a few locations have already been dotted. After that, you will get calls from Playboy X, Roman, Michelle, and Jacob, but you must return to Manny.

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